InQ – set by VELUX, embraced by the industry.

Quality is a staple in the covet-ability of everyday objects. What if in the future, services were priced in the same way quality goods are priced today? VELUX is a global company whose vision is to lead the development of better living environments with daylight and fresh air through the roof. They are the market leader in the manufacturing of skylights and roof windows.  By 2015, VELUX will have made the shift from being a window manufacturer to the overseer of “indoor quality”.  

An InQ Level will become the de facto standard for measuring indoor quality. The measurement is composed of these quantifiable indoor conditions:


Right now, VELUX promotes sustainable living in buildings by contributing through its product line of windows. By re-setting the standard, VELUX can establish itself as a company that cares for sustainable healthy indoors. This is an entry point for cooperation with other companies whose products already stand for and measure values outside of ventilation and sunlight.

In the InQ business model, products associated with InQ are accessible through a leasing model. Customers have an opportunity to reduce the monthly cost by attending to the indoor quality of the house or work place.

With each installation, customers receive an InQ monitoring system. Through continuous monitoring, the system calculates an InQ Level by combining certain percentages of the InQ values. Therefore, the better the indoor quality, the higher the InQ level.

Industry Project with VELUX 2012, Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design with Jamie Allen.

Every month, customers will receive a bill for the lease of their product. The higher the InQ level, the greater the savings. This bill also contains tips on how to improve InQ based on the past month’s habits. It suggests easy ways to adjust habits without feeling obligated to buy a product to improve InQ. This way, the customer has control and doesn’t feel helpless to the idea that spending money on more products means a higher InQ.